I am 80 years old and for the passing two years it has been harder and harder for me and my husband to clean our apartment. So, we decided to hire a professional house cleaning service company to help us. Our nice neighbor referred Sunny Cleaning Pro and they told us they have been using them several times and very happy with their services. We called to make an appointment, they showed up the very next day ON TIME. They are trying to be as quiet as possible since we are old, we are very touched. After they are done, our

John & Emily

I am a young mom with a new born, and things are extremely hectic for me trying to juggle with work and the family. Have no time to clean the house whatsoever. Sunny Cleaning Pro is a life saver! The first time they came in they spent such a long time to clean the house but for an extremely affordable price. That price really means a lot since we just had a baby with so many expenses. They are very considerate, gave me some tips on how to sanitizing the house more frequent with a new born and other cleaning things to pay attention to. I really appreciate their kind heart and professional cleaning work.


I am a real estate agent and I have a long time business relationship with Sunny Cleaning Pro for the passing 6 years. Every time before I lease out a property I would call them to give the property a make-over with their deep cleaning job done. It is much easier for me to rent out the properties afterwards. Sometimes the tenant would ask me if I can refer the cleaning company to them. I also love them because they always have a handy man on call to help out especially when the tenant need bulb or AC filter to be replaced. They are a one stop shop for a lot of different cleaning services and it makes things so much easier for me. Thumbs up.


I manage a commercial building for a client out of states, and I use Sunny Cleaning Pro for the commercial janitorial cleaning services. I never have heard any complaints from any tenants and I never had to be there to check their work. They are like indivisible cleaning men who always keep the restroom super clean and refreshing, never ran out of paper towels or cleansing soups. They have never asked for absence or have any request from me instead they always ask me if I need them for anything. I worked with several other cleaning company before, but I respect their professionalism the most and will continue use their services.


I live alone and my girlfriend visit my house couple of time a week, every time she would complain how messy and dirty I am. So she hired Sunny Cleaning Pro to do my bi weekly maintenance cleaning. I didn’t like the idea but don’t want to hear her any more. But I have to say ever since they came for house cleaning, I do feel much better about the house. In the beginning I worry they would throw my things away or misplace it, but it never happened. My parents appraised my house to be much more organized and neat. And I didn’t have to do anything. LOL. Great deal. Love them. DO hire them!


My old maid moved away so I had to hire new maid service company. For a couple months I got very frustrated because none of them reached my standard. I usually keep my house super clean but since it’s too big and my ceiling is very high, there are lots places I can not reach. Every time Sunny Cleaning Pro team come in, their team manager would bring this huge ladder and brush entire ceiling first, then after that, one guy would carry a vacuum cleaner and clean all the dust on the floor. When all those are done, the other members would start wet cleaning the entire house. Then dry it up. Don’t need to say more, they are definitely my number 1 choice.


I am so glad I found Sunny Cleaning Pro. We are a family of 6 people; my parents stay home and take care of our two young kids. Both my husband and I have to work during and when we come home, we have to cook for the entire family. We have no time to clean our own house other than basic cleaning. Until one day our house was too messy and decided to find house cleaning services. Sunny came with her crew and was so patient regardless of our chaotic house. They spent countless of hours with us, guess our house is out of ordinary, but Sunny didn’t charge me anything extra for all those heavy work. I can’t thank them enough, now they come every other week.

Jing Yan

My boss told me the last minutes that our very important client will come to Houston and stay in our corporate housing. But the place is definitely not ready. I called several housekeeping services, but no one can make it. I finally called Sunny and she told me not to worry and will try to work things out. After an hour, she called me back and told me they can work at a late shift just to help me out. By the time our client arrived, the place was spotless and very pleased with the housing situation. the client left, my boss was so pleased with me. I really appreciate Sunny’s help, she is the BEST! THANK YOU.

Steven Tran

I compared the prices with several different company before I decided to hire them to clean my carpet. Based on the phone conversation I had with them explaining to me the process, I had high hope that they will clean my carpet right. They got to my home on time, then my family left and by the time we returned based on their instruction, our entire house looks newer because the refreshed carpet. We were so impressed that we decided to take on their maid services monthly to maintain our house. They are affordable, professional, and very trustworthy. I recommended them to my friends and families and anyone who need house cleaning services.